Joachim Hürter

Born: 1960

Expertise/specialist areas/key activities

  • Tax advisor to medium-sized companies and individuals
  • Business consultancy for medium-sized companies on tax and financial matters
  • Business consultancy for non-profit and charitable organisations on tax and financial matters


  • University/professional qualifications: Studied at the University of Cologne majoring in taxation and banking. Graduated with a German Masters in Business Administration
  • Licensed to practice as a tax advisor: 1990
  • Licensed to practice as a public auditor: 1997
  • Professional development: continuous professional development especially in auditing, taxation and non-profit organisation law Memberships
  • Cologne Chamber of Tax Advisors
  • Düsseldorf Chamber of Public Auditors
  • Association of Tax Advisors

Joachim Hürter

tax advisor, auditor

Wolfgang Faillard

lawyer, tax advisor, auditor

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